November 5-6, 2019

Kick-off meeting of CEF DataMarketplace

Kick-off meeting of CEF DataMarketplace

The CEF Data Marketplace project partners gathered at the TAUS office in Amsterdam to review and further define the project roadmap for the coming two years. CEF Data Marketplace project will focus on the development of a universal, secure language data trading platform to stimulate and facilitate the collection and exchange of language data for machine translation and other machine learning applications.

The Data Marketplace platform is meant to benefit all stakeholders in the language industry: translators, machine translation (MT) developers, language service providers (LSPs), translation buyers and government bodies. It will be built to manage and trade data for all languages and domains. Within the project, new tools and features will be developed to enhance the availability of language data for under-resourced languages and domains. The tools will be shared in the form of open application programming interfaces (APIs).

During this two-day meeting, the team had set priorities for development, marketing and legal aspects of the project and collaboration. The release of the first version of the Data Marketplace is planned for October 2020, following the publishing of the legal framework and the integration of services for data cleaning, clustering, and anonymization.

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